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We know growth-stage companies have myriad choices and decisions regarding how, where and with whom they invest scarce marketing resources. We also know the smartest seek, if not demand, some quantifiable, metrics-based evidence of success and ROI for those investments.

In a few words, why do early growth stage companies trust their digital marketing and PR investment to Write2Market?

On messaging: Get to the point 

If new visitors to your website can’t understand exactly who you are and what you do in 15 seconds or less, you’ve lost them. So our client engagements always start with a core messaging session focused on ensuring that those who find you quickly understand who you are and are encouraged to continue discovering more.

Focus on metrics

One of the top ways we measure success is by achieving metrics-based goals developed with our clients. For example, there’s nothing like setting the goal of ‘top 5’ keyphrase SEO ranking and achieving it, and knowing it’s generating visits, leads, and revenue. Likewise, increasing the number of highly engaged visitors to your site via Hubspot pages or direct emails, or seeing your real LinkedIn followers top the 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 mileposts provides immediate ‘sales actionable’ activities.

“Around half of our lead generation is directly created by the content W2M generates to demonstrate to our sponsors all of the great work that we perform.” – Director of Scientific Affairs, GCMI

Make the most out of every piece of content

Your content should feed all your channels, especially anything in your news feed or blog. There are few substitutes for a consistent flow of fresh, relevant content that engages, educates, builds trust, and ultimately converts when maximizing scarce marketing resources, especially for early growth stage companies. Giving that content maximum reach by feeding it through your email, social, and direct sales channels (plus bolting on to pages designed to rank highly for high-value search terms and phrases) is savvy, practical, and efficient marketing.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t

  • Hubspot or Salesforce activation and optimization? ✔️
  • Generating a steady flow of content that engages, builds trust, and converts? ✔️
  • Successful SEO attack and defend? ✔️
  • Winning speaking submissions for industry-leading conferences? ✔️
  • Sponsored social that pays off in new leads? ✔️

We love trying new things while we bring every tool in the digital marketing and PR tool to bear to demonstrate ROI for our client’s investment in us. If a tactic isn’t working, we are always ready to shift course, bringing new recommendations, strategies, and creativity.

A critical aspect of content and marketing strategy for any company is choosing what to spend your limited time and capital on. Critically – understanding ‘what works’ to achieve your unique goals and what doesn’t. For example, do you know when to say “no” to a press release? Does your agency know? Are you chasing “vanity” search rankings or ones that have high potential business impact, be they low volume or high?

Write2Market VP of Healthcare Paul Snyder leads the Integrated Marketing Strategies session at SEMDA 2017

“At the end of the day, our clients rely on us to deliver on deadline, on budget, on goal, and on result. That’s where we excel,” Write2Market VP, Healthcare, Paul Snyder said.

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